The December Edition of the MinWaterCSP eNewsletter informs about the Special Topic “Large diameter axial flow fans for the power and petrochemical industries”:

Short intro:
Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants are located in regions with abundant solar resource. Water availability in such a region is usually limited. As result CSP plants increasingly use a dry-cooled process to condense the steam that forms part of the power generation cycle. Direct dry-cooled condensing systems make use of axial flow fans to force or induce the flow of air through the cooling system. These fans are a source of parasitic power loss for a CSP plant. 

Further we inform about a mobile device for soiling and cleanliness measurements at solar thermal power plants:

Short intro:
The MinWaterCSP project partners address the challenge of significantly reducing water consumption at CSP plants, while maintaining a high efficiency of the solar plant. To reach these targets measurement devices to assess the cleanliness of the solar collector field are used.

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