Summary of work


The work plan of MinWaterCSP is based on 11 work packages and spans a period of 3 years. Three work packages are dedicated to project management, communication, dissemination and exploitation. Seven work packages cover the development of the various technologies in question, while technical integration and overall plant simulation is dealt with a further work package. A brief outline of the work packages is as follows:

Project management:

Work package 1 focuses on project management and technical coordination activities as well as various administrative tasks which are necessary for successful project execution.

Cooling technology development:

Work package 2 deals with advanced thermal design of wet/dry cooling systems for dedicated use in CSP applications. Work packages 3 covers axial flow fan development while work package 4 contains the advanced heat transfer surface development.

Water treatment and handling development:

Mirror cleaning technology development is covered in work package 5 and water treatment and integrated water management is dealt with in work package 6.

Testing and demonstration:

Work packages 7 and 8 focus on the test facility design, construction, commissioning and testing activities at the demonstration sites. This includes advanced fan and cooling system functional testing as well as mirror cleaning demonstration activities.

CSP plant simulation:

Work package 9 is the technology integration and CSP plant simulation activity.

Administration and application:

Work packages 10 and 11 focus in communication, dissemination and exploitation.